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In June 2021 and during the demo period in the international center for physical medicine and rehabilitation which is supervised by Dr. Yusef Sarhan, several cases were treated using SCENAR device. Different protocols were implemented according to the case, stage of pathology and severances of injury. Some patients needed more treatment time and steps than others. One of the greatest features of using SCENAR is that treatment protocols offer different modifications according to the patient’s response in order to insure positive response and pain relief at the end of each session.


One of the cases that were treated was a 52 years old female that went through a whole course of traditional treatment using conventional equipment but unfortunately, she didn’t obtain the desired results. She was suffering from lumber back pain due to lumber disk and piriformis syndrome. Consequently, she felt pain in her lower legs only. It was very clear that the pain radiated to other areas which were included in the treatment during each session using one of the 32 presets offered by SCENAR named “Irradiation preset”, and after she was introduced to SCENAR in June 2021 in Dr. Sarhan’s physiotherapy center. After six SCENAR sessions, the patient reported that she observed 30% improvement. Although the treatment course did not end yet, she was able to perform certain activities that she couldn’t do before such as normal walking, sleeping and standing. In addition, the patient’s mood totally changed and she became more enthusiastic and  confident. It is recommended for such cases to complete the full course (10 sessions), re-evaluate the post- treatment situation, and finally end the treatment or suggest another course accordingly.

Another case of frozen shoulder was also treated during the 2 weeks demo that took place in June 2021. A 70 years old female had experienced a very severe pain in her shoulder for a very long time. She was treated according to the recommended frozen shoulder protocol for 6 sessions. In some sessions, the pain migrated to the elbow in a form of point pain which was also treated using the suitable preset. At the end of the demo, Dr. Sarhan evaluated the patient’s case to distinguish the degree of improvement. He stated that the patient had improved earlier than he expected. Finally, it should be mentioned that these two cases were treated using SCENAR device only without the intervention of any other physiotherapy devices or tools.

Eng. Kamelia Al-Juaidi.

Arab engineers Company for trading medical equipment and supplies, Alaa Al Haymouni April 18, 2023
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